Why do we judge?


As a child I became fascinated with Astronomy. The more I read about Earth and its position in our galaxy the more I started realising how small our planet really is compared to the vastness of our universe. I used to look at pictures of our planet shot from space and wonder how is it possible that we all live on this one small ball shooting at incredibly speed through space and yet so many of us feel disconnected from each other. With curiosity and wonder my childhood perception of the world was amazing human beings living together on this planet, each gifted and fascinating in their own unique way yet connected through so much commonality.

But then as I was growing up, my perception started shifting through the negative influences of people around me who held prejudices and were judgemental about their fellow family members, friends and colleagues. I started believing these viewpoints and became judgemental myself. As a result many of my relationships experienced conflicts and some even ended. I had forgotten who I was and allowed myself to be influenced by the opinions of others who were insecure and scared.

10 years ago I started a new journey of self-discovery. As I started to heal a broken heart from childhood I began seeing the world as it should be and not as it is perceived by many. A world full of potential for living together in harmony. I started to wonder: is this what happens to most people as they grow up? Do we allow ourselves to be influenced by fear and forget how truly connected we really are? I believe we all have access to a blueprint of living together in harmony but we have lost our way.

My intention with this blog is to share my own experiences with those of you wishing to read and brainstorm with me. My hope is that as we understand that we are not so different from each other after all, we will stop judging and start cooperating more within our marriages, our families, our social circles, our work places and amongst nations. The world can be a peaceful place but we all have to do our part to get there. We all have to (re)-learn how to by kind and trusting towards each other despite our differences. We need to off the glasses that were imposed on us through a lifetime of living in a judgemental world. We need to use our own eyes to see the true reality of our world. We need to reach out and hold each others hands and only in unity can we overcome todays obstacles!


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