Voices Without Borders is an anthology book series dedicated to bringing young voices to life around the world. We are a nonprofit organization that is committed to giving expression to youth experience. Young people often feel trapped between childhood and adulthood. Voices Without Borders seeks to capture their amazing transformations in writing, art, or photography. These volumes essentially become time capsules not only for the students and families of those involved but also of the time and place in their societies and cultures.

The real stars of this anthology book series are the countless youth who have courageously expressed themselves through writing, art, and photography.

Starting as a regional book project in the United States, Voices Without Borders is expanding to encompass the range of youth expression from a global perspective. We are teaming up with schools and organizations from around the world to highlight the works of our next generation of authors, artists, and other creatives.
Voices Without Borders is committed to representing global youth perspectives in their original form and content. We do not edit for content when we receive submissions. Our team of educational professionals offers advice, guidance, and encouragement to those young people who may need it – but our goal is to represent the child’s creative expression as faithfully as possible. We do screen submissions for inflammatory and hateful speech or imagery – and are committed to building relationships with the communities in which our authors, artists, and photographers live.
Our international team of educators are passionate about giving our youth a creative outlet for their expression. Regardless of status, socio-economic background, ethnicity, or condition – Voices Without Borders is dedicated to making young voices heard. We encourage kids to explore creative outlets that build relationships, heal wounds, expose realities, confront hardships, celebrate happiness, or simply document their daily lives to submit their work to Voices Without Borders. We are here to support and encourage you.

If you or someone you know would like to be a part of our next anthology series, contact us and let us know. If you already had creative work that you would like to submit for consideration, you may do that here.


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Barbara Kraft
Project Director

Barbara Kraft began the Voices From the Middle project in 2009 to give young artists and writers an outlet to express themselves. After 14 successful publications in the United States, she is taking Voices Without Borders global!

Diana Jacobson
Project Coordinator

Diana Jacobson has been teaching for over 14 years and brings her passion and expertise to the Voices Without Borders team. She has won numerous awards for teaching and is the project coordinator for creative writing.

David Jacobson
Marketing Director

David Jacobson has over 17 years of experience in marketing and design, as well as experience as an educator. His knowledge of layout and design make him an integral member of the Voices Without Borders team.

Young Creatives

Youths from around the globe are the real driving force behind Voices Without Borders. It is their voices that we seek to illuminate! Submit your artwork, poetry, stories, or photographs for the next anthology book.

Barbara Kraft started a project called Voices From the Middle as an outlet for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to share their unique perspectives. Centered at Carver Middle School in Springfield, Missouri, USA – her anthology book series is now in its 15th year of publication. When given the chance to collaborate with Springfield’s sister city in Isesaki, Japan – she realized the potential for the book series to reach young people from all over the world. Voices Without Borders was born out of the idea that young people anywhere are going through similar things – and that sharing their stories will bring people together.
Previous titles under Voices From the Middle continuing globally as Voices Without Borders.
Barbara Kraft's vision for student expression became Voices Without Borders
Media coverage of Barbara Kraft and her vision for the Voices project.

Easy Integration

Linda Kirsch

As an English teacher, it was easy for me to get my students to write stories and poetry that could be included in the book. Voices Without Borders integrated seamlessly into the curriculum.

Linda Kirsch

Parent Approved!

Gregory Lennes

My son was on the fence about submitting his story, but since he’s gotten the book he shows it off to everyone who comes over. It has inspired him to write more and he wants to pursue creative writing when he graduates. It’s been really great to see him find something he loves!

Gregory Lennes

Published Poet!

Mirabel Ramirez

I submitted my poem to Mrs. Kraft and it was accepted into the book! Now I’m a published poet!

Mirabel Ramirez


Testimonial Margaret

My daughter submitted a story for the 13th book in the series and it has now become a family heirloom. It gets passed around from house to house and is cherished wherever it goes! Thank you!

Margaret Wittinger

School Pride

Roger Talbot Jr.

We began including our students in the Voices From the Middle book series and it has become the pride of our school. We look forward to seeing what international students have to say. We highly recommend any school considering the book series to go ahead and take the plunge.

Roger Talbot Jr.


To see so many more talented people has given me a lot of motivation for better pieces!

Marwan Bennani

I Really Like It!

I really like it! It’s really pretty and all the artworks and writing inside is so great! Thank you so much for including is in this!

Karli Jansen Van Rensburg

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